Former depot transformed to vibrant event center

Financed in part by the CHF Revolving Loan Fund

Photo: Spencer Stanek


Pueblo's Holmes Hardware Building: Food hall and affordable housing

Financed in part by the CHF Revolving Loan Fund

Photo: Google Street View 2021


Restored Colorado Chautauqua cottage houses performers and guests

Financed in part by the CHF Revolving Loan Fund

Photo: Colorado Historical Foundation


A Grand Junction hub for local businesses and neighbors

Financed in part by the CHF Revolving Loan Fund

Photo: Colorado Historical Foundation


Home to Florence Brewing Company and upstairs apartments

Financed in part by the CHF Revolving Loan Fund

Photo: The Lofts at Orecchio


Historic Property Redevelopment Financing: CHF Revolving Loan Fund  

Successfully adapting and sustaining old buildings for contemporary use requires collaboration, navigating appropriate techniques and materials, and tapping a creative mix of resources that can exceed conventional options. The payoff is a welcoming building with a unique sense of place reflective of local history and culture. Rehabilitated buildings invite people to live, work, play, linger and refresh. The Colorado Historical Foundation established the CHF Revolving Loan Fund to encourage rehabilitation of Colorado's historically and culturally significant spaces. 


Our loans help individuals, as well as private, public, and nonprofit entities, finance and manage cash flow for rehabilitating Colorado's historic buildings. They supplement grants, tax credits, conventional financing, plus public and private investment. Loan applications are evaluated according to criteria such as the project’s preservation merits, development and construction team’s experience and qualifications, quality of proposal, financial viability, loan risk, and community support.


Income-generating properties for public, nonprofit or community use; and at least one of the following apply:

*If “eligible,” but not yet designated, applicant must provide a determination of eligibility letter from the Colorado State Historic Preservation Officer (SHPO)


Construction & Design: Completed work and materials must meet the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation, which are recognized in the United States as a basis for preservation best practices.

Acquisition funding will be considered if construction and permanent financing are already secured, and the property’s historic character will be protected by covenant, easement, or local landmark designation.


  • $250,000 - $750,000 Loans
  • 60-month repayment term, no pre-payment penalty. Will consider interest-only periods or longer amortization schedules with balloon payments.
  • Fixed interest rates generally below market rates for similar conventional loan products
  • Owner equity contribution minimum 10% of project budget
  • Loans secured by deed of trust on appraised property; guarantors required


  • Commitment fee of 1.5-2.0% of total loan amount
  • Borrower is responsible for third-party costs incurred by the lender including, without limitation, recording, appraisal, inspections, title commitment & policy, improvement plat survey, UCC filing fees, credit reports, lien searches, required insurance, legal expenses and other fees associated with loan processing and collateral perfection.

Let's discuss your project! Complete applications are reviewed on a rolling basis

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Neither the CHF Revolving Loan Fund nor the Colorado Historical Foundation provides applicants or borrowers legal, accounting, or tax advice.
Applicants and borrowers are encouraged to consult with their own professional advisors.

The CHF Revolving Loan Fund was funded in part by the History Colorado State Historical Fund
and the National Trust for Historic Preservation Gossard Fund for Colorado