Our Purpose

The Colorado Historical Foundation mobilizes resources to support and inspire Colorado’s people in their preservation of meaningful places, heritage, and history.


Our Desired Future

The Colorado Historical Foundation strives to help Colorado be a place where all people feel reflected
in cultural resources and historic places, and can build an equitable future informed by the past.


The Colorado Historical Foundation Believes...

Historic places are tangible reflections of culture and heritage, and they are integral to the fabric
of today’s communities.

A place’s essence can be honored while being preserved sustainably and practically adapted
for contemporary conditions.

Cultural heritage resources and records should reflect all communities involved.

Acknowledging the past in an open and holistic manner can build a foundation for an inclusive future. 

The Colorado Historical Foundation
Commits to...

Stewarding the resources entrusted to us with integrity, sensitivity, and transparency.

Investing in respectfully collecting, preserving, sharing, and supporting historic contributions of all people, including those who have suffered discrimination and injustice.

Learning from and collaborating with individuals and organizations, including those closest to the history of those who have suffered discrimination and injustice.

Striving for an inclusive culture which welcomes multiple perspectives and honors the diverse histories of Colorado’s people and places.